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STAN ANDRZEJEWSKI is the founder of Greater Baltimore Yoga. He was certified in the Iyengar tradition in 1988 while a student of John Schumacher, but now considers Victor van Kooten as his main inspiration. He integrates 38 years of experience as a physical therapist into his 32 years of teaching yoga. He works with people with orthopedic and neurologic problems in his private practice. He has trained many yoga teachers through his apprenticeship program. 

JULIE MADILL  has nearly a lifetime of yoga experience and interest, having taught classes since 1997. Her main training has come from Stan Andrzejewski  and John Friend. She has taken many trainings and workshops from other teachers. Julie has a keen interest in psychological health and trauma.
Julie's approach is nurturing and careful. She's invested in every student's welfare and her tag line is "yoga for you," which means she tailors the practice to the students' needs.

BROOKE FISKE took her first yoga class in 1991 and began studying yoga consistently in 2006, to be certified in 2014. She apprenticed with Stan, and has studied with Victor van Kooten and Kofi Busia. She works as a massage therapist. Brooke appreciates the joy of creativity as well as the mindfulness that is found in yoga. She believes in taking the time to skillfully attend to the joyful movement of the body to open, soften, and breathe, in our postures as in our lives.
JUDY SCHAEFFER is a registered nurse who has been practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. She apprenticed with Stan Andrzejewski and has studied yin yoga intensively with Sarah Powers. She continues to study with an array of teachers and enjoys sharing her passionate exploration of what we call "yoga" with her students.

VELVET ABATO - WENKERís interest in yoga began in 1979 and complimented intensive dance training at Peabody during the 1980ís. She has apprenticed with Stan Andrzejewski. Currently, Velvet teaches yoga and fitness/ wellness courses at CCBC- Essex. Her interest in yoga has become a medium for creative spiritual expression. Her joyful enthusiasm for the Art of Yoga shines thru in her teaching style.

JANICE GRAHAM has been a student at Greater Baltimore Yoga since 2002 and apprenticed with Stan. She was certified to teach Hatha Yoga in 2012. She has studied with Kofi Busia and Victor van Kooten. She directs her classes to the 50+ generation and creates a slower paced and harmonious atmosphere where students can find joy, mindfulness and self-inquiry in their yoga practice.
LESLEY ANN WERNSDORFER began practicing yoga in 1978, at home with her mother. She first became a student at GBYC in 1988. Her practice is influenced by Stan Andrzejewksi, Paula Andrzejewksi, Kofi Busia, and Barbara Benagh. Her approach to yoga is consistent with and informed by her work as a licensed massage therapist: reducing any type of stress reduces discomfort and the risk of disease.