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Tuition Schedule

Regular session - $17 x # of weeks per full session. We will prorate at the $17 rate anytime in the session, if you sign up for the rest of the session.

$238 [14 weeks], $221[13 weeks], $204 [12 weeks], $187 [11 weeks], $170, [10 weeks], $153 [9 weeks]

Prorated session. - $18 x # of weeks per less than a full session, if you sign up for 6 or more classes. $19 x # of weeks when signing up for less than 6 classes. With the exception of new level I students, continuing students may sign up for less than a full session. This assumes one commits at registration by paying upfront.

$216 [12 classes], $198 [11 classes], $180 [10 classes], $162 [9 classes], $144 [8 classes]

$126 [7 classes], $108 [6 classes], $95 [5 classes], $76 [4 classes], $57 [3 classes], $38 [2 classes]

Twice Weekly - $15 = $17 [1st class] + $13 [2nd class] x # of weeks in a session. For students who want 2 classes per week for an entire session.

$390 [26 classes -13 week session], $364 [24 classes -12 week session]
$386 [22 classes -11 week session], $300 [ 20 classes -10 week session]

Drop in -$22. For all continuing level students any class, any time. $15 if already registered for a full session. $18/$19 if registered on a prorated basis.

Session Unlimited Classes - $475 Any class any time throughout the session.

Month Unlimited Classes - $180 Any class, any time for I month.

Year Unlimited Classes - $1700 Any class, any time for I year.

REFUND POLICY - Notification within the first three weeks of a session entitles you to a refund of tuition less a $50 administrative fee. There will be no refund after the third week of class in a session. Students who cannot complete a session after the third week of class are entitled to receive credit for unused portion towards either of the next two class sessions. Notification for credit must be made during the initial session.

MAKE UP POLICY - We allow any make - ups any time at any class, as long as it is during the same session. You need not call ahead. Just tell the teacher where you are registered. We are now allowing students to bring along a friend or loved one to a yoga class during the same session as another of their make - up. The student must be present to authorize the use of this make up. We suggest taking the new student to a level I class as their introduction to Hatha Yoga.