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Teacher Training as Apprenticeship

 Stan has been training yoga teachers for many years, starting in the Iyengar system, but now in his own brand of yoga. He has felt the traditional apprenticeship style of training is the most effective way. He was first certified in the Iyengar system and then certified as E-500 hour RYT from Yoga Alliance.

He demands that first the prospective apprentice demonstrate competency in performing the Hatha Yoga asana that he teaches. This means the apprentice first has to be a competent level 2 student by the Greater Baltimore Yoga standards. The apprentice needs to be able to voice out loud the exact instructions he/she is saying to his/herself to guide him/her into the pose. Stan provides private yoga instruction for prospective apprentices at $100 per hour session. He suggests strongly to have taken at least one level 2 course to see what is expected. He feels that the apprenticeship is about how to teach. Therefore the apprentice must know what to teach first. This is only learned through one’s own personal yoga practice guided by competent instruction. This dedicated personal daily practice is a necessary prerequisite.

Once the apprentice demonstrates competency in asana, the year long apprentice program begins. This includes:

    1. A year long program of weekly 90 minute sessions  [45- 50 sessions per year] pertaining to the science and art of hatha yoga teaching, personally with Stan. We will discuss and practice the many aspects related to yoga as in philosophy, ethics, methodology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, therapeutics, adjustments, sequencing, phrasing, voicing, among others.

   2. The apprentice observes first a beginner level and eventually an intermediate level class Stan teaches at GBY on a weekly basis. There is a 30 minute discussion of the particulars of the class following. Eventually the apprentice will assist and then teach poses in this class, allowing for critique in the discussion following.

   3. The apprentice is required to take at least one class a week from Stan throughout the entire year. One class a week is included in the yearly fee. This ordinarily would cost $882 for 49 classes over the 4 quarterly sessions.

Each year that the apprentice chooses to receive this teacher training will cost $2000.

The apprentice may choose to study for more than a year. It is possible to have enough hours of study for the Yoga Alliance’s RYT 200 hour in one year. It takes two to three years of apprentice to qualify for Yoga Alliance RYT 500. This teacher training is not a guarantee of certification.

Competency in asana is defined in terms of skill in asana.

Skillful Movement

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