Tuition and Policy

$20 per class

We are simplifying our tuition policy. We will continue to teach yoga sessions. This means there is a beginning , middle, and end to each session. We treat each session as a course. The reality is that most students do not commit to an uninterrupted session of weekly class. Therefore you have the option to pay per class, for a block of classes, or for an entire session, always at $20 per class. This fee is for payment when rendered by cash, credit card, or check.

REFUND POLICY – Within the first three weeks of a session, you are entitled to a refund of tuition less a $50 administrative fee. There will be no refund after the third week of class in a session. Students who cannot complete a session after the third week of class are entitled to receive credit for unused portion towards either of the next two class sessions. Notification for credit must be made during the initial session.

MAKE UP POLICY – We allow any make – ups any time at any class. You need not call ahead. We are now allowing students to bring along a friend or loved one to a yoga class as another of their make – ups. The student must be present to authorize the use of this make up. We suggest taking the new student to a level I class as their introduction to Hatha Yoga.

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