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Directions: Greater Baltimore Yoga is located in Timonium Commerce Park at 9628 Deereco Rd. This is 2 blocks south of Padonia Road. The intersection of Padonia and Deereco Roads is the first right just off exit 17 of 83 north [Harrisburg Expressway.] Exit 17 of 83N is 2 miles north of the Baltimore Beltway at exit 24.
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Mid Holiday Yoga Class

Janice Graham

Tuesday, December 28
10 am – 12 pm
All Levels

Devote a morning to yourself with this slow paced yoga class.
We will focus on balance, strength, and flexibility to bring harmony and relaxation
to body-mind-spirit.

Hatha Yoga as Physical Therapy: Therapeutic Exercise

Stan Andrzejewski PT

January  March 31, 2022

$425 – 20 contact hours – 2 CEUs
This course meets basic criteria
of the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
for 2.0 CEUs.

This 13 week seminar [20 contact hours] will meet 90 minutes each week. This includes an evolving lecture series within a weekly level 1 yoga class. This seminar will introduce the ancient art and science of Hatha yoga as therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular reeducation. Hatha yoga can be defined as skillful, mindful posture and movement. Hatha Yoga will be presented as movement therapy for those working towards more optimal posture and movement skills. This seminar will present inefficient posture and faulty movement as the cause of many musculo-skeletal problems. We will look at cervical spondylosis, lumbar disk disease, lumbar facet and sacro-ilial joint compression, knee derangement, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff impingement. Hatha Yoga will be shown as a physical therapy modality, developing gross motor skill from sound biomechanical principles.

Class #1: Grounding I
Grounding through Heels , Lifting Toes
Integrating Actions/Skills of Grounding, Centering, Lifting
Inhaling /Exhaling through Nose
Class #2: Grounding II
Grounding through Ball of Big Toe, Big Toe
Gripping Toes, Hyper-extending Knees interfere with grounding
Play of Opposites : Ground to Lift and Stretch in Opposite Directions
Pause on Inhale/Move on Exhale to the edge of the pose
Class #3: Grounding III
Grounding through Inner/Outer Heel [lifting outer/inner arches of feet]
4 Corners of Feet and Hands, Patterns of Collapse
Predominance of either Outer Heel or Inner Heel/ Ball of Big Toe Grounding
Class #4: Grounding IV
Grounding through Inner/Outer Spirals of Upper and Lower Extremities
Facilitating Centering and Lengthening with Grounding Spirals
Hip Rotation and Groin Movements,
Class #5: Centering I
Lift Hip Bones [ASIS], Top Thighs Back into Neutral Pelvis
Tucking/Rotating Pelvis into the direction of the pose [Neutral in vertical poses]
Class #6: Centering II
Sacrum/Tailbone Down, Groins Back into Neutral Pelvis
TailBone down into back Heels down from Outer Spiral, Groins back from Inner Spiral
Class #7: Centering III
Navel to Spine into Neutral Pelvis
Core Stabilizing
Tilting into Down Dog, Tucking into Plank
Class #8: Centering IV
Sit Bone point straight down in Pelvis Neutral, Internal Plum Line Stance
Sit Bones lift in Forward Bends
Root through Crown, Crown through Root
Class #9: Spinal Lengthening with Thoracic Backbending
Clavicle Lifts as Sacrum Descends
Arching Thoracic Spine to Neutral
Stabilizing Pelvis when lengthening spine
Class #10: Spinal Lengthening with Thoracic Backbending II
Stabilizing Scapula : Down In and In
Inner Edges and Bottom Tips of Scapula push anterior, Arching Thoracic Spine as in Bridge
Ball of Index Finger Grounding Pushes, Heel of Hand Grounding Pulls
Class #11: Upper Extremity Elevation
Clavicle Up, Scapula Down,T-Spine Arching to Elevate Arm with Humerus Gliding Inferiorly
Body grounding, centering, lengthening, stabilizing to allow arm in open chain movements
Class #12: Inner Body Imagery facilitates Outer Body Movement
Tails of Rooting
Class #13: Inner Body Imagery facilitates Outer Body Movement
Ball of Belly Rotations
Lead of Perineum

This course meets the basic criteria approved of
the Maryland State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
for 2 C.E.U’s [20 contact hours]

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