Yoga Classes

All prospective new students will be allowed
anytime during the session.

Summer Session

July 8 – September 22, 2019

Printable Summer Schedule

11 classes – $198
 classes – $352

Fall Session

September 23 – December 22, 2019

Printable Fall Schedule

13 classes – $234
classes – $442

Level I Open to students new to the fundamentals of our particular tradition of Hatha Yoga. We usually suggest most students start with level 1 even though you may have taken yoga elsewhere.

[New] Monday 2:00 pm Brooke
Tuesday 7:45 pm Stan
Wednesday 11:00 am Stan
Wednesday 6:15 pm Velvet
Saturday 10:30 am Stan

Level I/II –Continuing For students who have been through the fundamentals of level I, but wary of the level II inversions, sun salutations, backbends, and arm balances. This is an intermediate class covering all of the standing poses, preparations for inversions, and rudimentary sun salutations, backbends, and arm balances.

Sunday 9:30 am Stan
Monday 5:45 pm Lesley
Tuesday 10:00 am Janice
Wednesday 9:00 am Stan
Wednesday 4:30 pm Velvet
Thursday 9:00 am Julie

Level II – Continuing Open to students who have completed a level I course or have previous Hatha yoga experience. Greater detail is given to the basic standing poses. Revolved standings and continuing level inversions are introduced, emphasizing their preparatory actions. Sun Salutations, forward bends, backbends, twists and arm balances are also introduced.

Monday 9:00 am Julie
Tuesday 5:45 pm Stan
Saturday 8:30 am Stan

Gentle Yoga This class is designed for people who are either intimidated by a regular Level I yoga class, recovering from illness, or have some sort of chronic condition or injury. We will focus on your particular needs, strengths and fears, and address them in a caring way. The approach to these gentle classes will be to provide a safe place for movement and to create an environment for healing. We will use the wall, chairs, and other props so people can meet the practice where they are, with the teacher providing assistance as needed. Students will be encouraged to communicate to the teacher throughout the class so that individuals may have a balanced experience. There will be an ample relaxation provided at the end of each class which will pay careful attention to the breath as source of life.

Monday 10:45 am Julie
Wednesday 6:15 pm Velvet
Thursday 10:45 am Julie

Sitting Meditation We believe that Hatha Yoga and sitting meditation are practices that support each other. All students are invited whether just finishing the earlier class or just before beginning the later class. These are optional free 20 minute sitting meditations guided in the very simple instructions of Vipassana Meditation of the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Specifically we practice Anapanasati from the U Ba Kin Burmese tradition We offer a 45 minute sitting meditation on Sunday mornings. No previous meditation experience required. You may bring your own cushions and benches or use ours. All sitting meditations are optional and free of charge.

Sunday [45 minutes] 8:45 am Stan
Monday 5:15 pm Lesley
Tuesday 7:20 pm Stan
Wednesday 10:35 am Stan
Saturday 10:05 am Stan

Restorative Yoga A 90 minute sequence of supported seated and reclining poses, using breath as a process to release tension and unwind stress. Pausing, more than posing, we’ll spend time with each posture – settling in, allowing the body to become extra still, the mind extra quiet.

Thursday 4:30 pm Brooke

Yoga over 50 The main objective is to direct the yoga to the common issues that people over the age of 50 typically deal with on a daily basis. Each student will be inspired, through slow and carefully directed poses, to discover the benefits of yoga through proper alignment and breath control. Students will realize that age doesn’t matter when practicing yoga and with the help of various props beginners can feel at ease and not be intimidated

Friday 10:00 am Janice

TGIF Yoga This yoga class is designed for all levels. We will focus on a practice to unwind from a week of work and to ready you for the weekend

Friday 5:45 pm Brooke

REFUND POLICY Notification within the first three weeks of a session entitles you to a refund of tuition less a $50 administrative fee. There will be no refund after the third week of class in a session. Students who cannot complete a session after the third week of class are entitled to receive credit for unused portion when they paid for a full session in the next 6 months. This class credit is for classes beyond the full session one would pay for during one of the next two sessions. Request for credit must be made during the initial session.

DIRECTIONSThe center is located in Timonium Commerce Park at 9628 Deereco Rd. This is 2 blocks south of Padonia Road. The intersection of Padonia and Deereco Roads is the first right just off exit 17 of 83 north [Harrisburg Expressway.] Exit 17 of 83N is 2 miles north of the Baltimore Beltway at exit 24.

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Baltimore’s Best Yoga Studio
[voted by 2001 Baltimore Magazine]

9628 Deereco Rd
Timonium MD 21093.
Call Jean at 410-560-2980

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