April 12 - July 1

Greater Baltimore Yoga

My Hatha yoga classes are invitation only. New students have to start at the beginning of the session. I now teach in my home studio in Timonium.
Classes are Wednesday and Saturday mornings. On both days, the continuing level class will be at 9 AM and the foundational class at 11 AM.

You can reach me is at stan@marylandyoga.com

My History

Stan Andrzejewski had opened his studio in Baltimore, devoted exclusively to the study of Hatha Yoga in 1986. Our earliest classes were strictly Iyengar style. At the time, several of our instructors were advanced level students of John Schumacher, a senior teacher in the Iyengar tradition, founder of the Unity Woods Yoga Center in Bethesda. Stan was certified in the Iyengar tradition in 1988. But our journey brought us into explorations of breath, subtle energies, imagery, and simply movement, in ways the Iyengar system did not allow.
In 1984, Stan met a visionary yoga teacher, Victor van Kooten. But it was not until 1994, that we realized how profound his teachings are. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Victor teaches Hatha Yoga as an inquiry, giving us license to explore movement, utilizing tamas, the letting go principle, evolving into sattva, spacious, skillful, graceful movement, instead of just from rajas, the active principle. Victor teaches movement from the center outward, rooting into the foundations, and then into the intended direction and space.
Victor had been a senior Iyengar teacher, has acknowledged the incredible impact that BKS Iyengar made in his life, but his journey is now in his own direction. Stan does not adhere strictly to Iyengar tradition, though acknowledges it as his foundation.
What distinguishes his classes is their therapeutic value. Stan had been a practicing physical therapist for over 50 years. He uses the awareness and skillful movement of Hatha Yoga as a modality for physical therapy treatment. He looks at each of the students biomechanically, then to teach the elegant motor skills of Hatha Yoga
He feels strongly that yoga is therapeutic. As one develops the consciousness and skillfulness of posture and movement of yoga asana, our bodies are facilitated to heal.
There is a beginning, a middle, and an end to each class, as well as each session.
The influence of Iyengar’s approach is evidenced by his emphasis on precise alignment of bones, joints, and muscle within the poses. This keen awareness of anatomical detail allows the experience of the inner movement when integrated as breath and energy. The practice of Hatha Yoga can be safe for most people regardless of their level of conditioning with skillful instruction. The asanas are performed with a yogic attitude that balances right effort with mindfulness and open celebration. The actions and alignments of the poses are in accord with precise principles of both biomechanics and subtle energy flows in the body.

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