Teaching Staff

STAN ANDRZEJEWSKI is the founder of Greater Baltimore Yoga. He was certified in the Iyengar tradition in 1988 while a student of John Schumacher, but now considers Victor van Kooten as his main inspiration. He integrates 47 years of experience as a physical therapist into his 35 years of teaching yoga. He works with people with orthopedic and neurologic problems in his private practice. He has trained many yoga teachers through his apprenticeship program. He has taught series of continuing education courses for physical therapists entitled Hatha Yoga as Physical Therapy.

 BROOKE FISKE  took her first yoga class in 1991 and began studying yoga consistently in 2006, to be certified in 2014. She apprenticed with Stan, and has studied with Victor van Kooten and Kofi Busia. She works as a massage therapist. Brooke appreciates the joy of creativity as well as the mindfulness that is found in yoga. She believes in taking the time to skillfully attend to the joyful movement of the body to open, soften, and breathe, in our postures as in our lives.

SUZE PENNINGTON left the corporate world 25 years ago and began teaching yoga in Baltimore. She was laid off from corporate work, went to Mexico to recover from the shock where pressed into teaching yoga. She had fallen in love with yoga the first time she had taken a class, immediately sensing the depth and reach of the subject. When back to Baltimore, Suze studied very hard, became a certified Iyengar teacher, and began Susquehanna Yoga. Teaching in her studio, gyms, various corporations, schools, hospital programs and wellness centers She realized that what people really needed was greater knowledge of their bodies and more self- awareness. Everything else would then fall into place. So that has been her sincere attempt, to provide knowledge and guide people to themselves and unity with their universe. Suze has been fortunate to study with many of the senior Iyengar Yoga teachers in the world, among them, my weekly teacher John Schumacher, and my yearly teachers Manuso Manos and Kofi Busia, to name a few.

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